The Bodhi Club x Boodil

The Bodhi Club is a reformer pilates studio and personal training space located in the heart of Cheshire. They have a range of clients that come into the studio and gym for various classes and workouts. 

Current Solution

The Bodhi Club have a subscription based model for the majority of their classes via their mobile application however they have a number of people doing drop in classes along with an onsite coffee area and a mini shop where they sell merchandise. They were initially taking payments for drops ins, coffees and merchandise via a Paypal QR code, however it required the customer to scan the QR, type in the amount they owe whilst also having a Paypal account which the majority of them didn’t have. They also were then hit by high fees by Paypal for any sales they did make. 

What they Needed?

The Bodhi Club was looking for a solution that could provide a simple, low cost and frictionless shopping experience that could accept in- studio payments. 

Why Boodil?

Boodil had recently partnered with a technology company, ( which provides NFC branded stickers along with a customisable mobile application for clients. Boodil created a merchandised store built on the Sticky platform for The Bodhi Club. This meant any customer who came into the studio could simply tap one of the many Boodil branded NFC stickers with their mobile phone, add to basket any of the merchandise, coffees and snacks or purchase a drop in class via the app whilst being able to check out via Boodil’s slick and seamless open banking payment solution. 


The Bodhi Club was able to increase their in-studio average order value by over 37% by having the ability for customers to simply add a range of products to the basket swiftly, whilst checking out with Boodil in less than 10 seconds. It meant they were getting on average 20 more customers each week purchasing something in the studio, due to them not needing an account to be able to make a purchase, like they previously needed with Paypal. 

Danielle Hogan - Co Founder of The Bodhi Club “The solution works great for what we required. The app is simple and easy to use. Once a customer taps their phone on one of the NFC stickers the app appears on their phone where they can easily browse products and add to basket with a seamless payments experience with Boodil. It is great to see the funds land directly into our bank account and the fees are minimal compared to what we were previously paying. All transactions can be seen in the backend of the application, as well as receiving an email notification every time someone checks out.”

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