About us

Founded by industry experts, Boodil was created to transform the everyday spend for consumers through open banking technology.

An introduction to Boodil.

Boodil are an alternative payment method and consumer engagement platform. You'll find our button at the checkout. You can't miss us.

Boodil was founded with the sole mission of improving the spending experience for consumers. We wanted to provide as much value as possible because let's face it, no one enjoys paying for things. Seeing a bank balance trickle down (or tumble down if you're anything like us), isn't fun for anyone. So we've created a moment of excitement at the checkout through our rewarding payments experience and prize draws.

Gamifying the daily spend.

Every time you spend via Boodil you'll earn points. Points can be redeemed on the Boodil app (coming soon). But don't worry, you won't need to the app to start earning points. As long as you enter the same email address, you'll earn Boodil points assigned to your unique email address. Then when you want to redeem them, just go ahead and download the app or follow instructions on emails.

The more you spend with Boodil the more lifetime points you'll earn. The more lifetime points you have will see you unlock new tiers, which leads to better rewards and prizes. Exciting, right?

A smoother way to pay.

We also wanted to make transform the payments experience, in creating a slick and smooth payment flow. Paying by card can be long winded, especially if you haven't got your card to hand, can't remember your long card number, or aren't near your mobile phone when your bank texts you to authenticate the payment (under 3DS). We've all been there! So we needed to remove the friction.

Businesses love Boodil.

Not only is it the consumer we need to remove friction for but for the businesses taking payment too. In creating a streamlined payments flow we are making it easier for businesses to sell. The good news however, doesn't stop there for businesses. It's also Boodil's lower rates, faster settlement, and reduced fraud & chargeback count which delivers a truly transformational experience for merchants.

Boodil strive to stay up to date with the latest in technology and constantly innovate. Our product offering will undoubtedly grow and evolve over the years as we find more and more ways to transform the everyday spend.