Goodrays x Boodil

Goodrays and Boodil have partnered to enable their customers to purchase their CBD products via their ecommerce store with Boodil's pay by bank solution.

Who are Goodrays?

Your mind doesn’t have an off switch. That’s why Eoin Keenan created Goodrays, CBD products that bring a moment of clarity for the curious, the creative, the brave and the bold.

The team at Goodrays got together around a shared respect for a super natural plant. Eoindiscovered CBD after experiencing periods of anxiety throughout his life, and after travellingacross two continents to find the freshest, highest quality ingredients from sustainablesources, Goodrays was born. They now offer tasty, easy-to-use, efficacious CBD productsthat can easily slot into daily routines.

How do Goodrays use Boodil?

At Goodrays, they’re always looking for the best way to offer their customers the best experience, and Boodil helps to do just that. After recently integrating their website with the cardless payment solution, they’ve had great success offering their customers more choice of payment options. The easy way to pay through bank payments also provides a quick checkout experience.

To see it in action, simply head to;