Carttitude x Boodil 

Carrtitude provides paintwork protection, detailing and enclosed transportation. They support prestige car owners in Manchester and the North West and have grown to one of the leading car detailing specialists in the North.

Current Solution

Carttitude currently offer a pay by link option to their customers which is powered by a card solution. This approach is a workable solution for them however they were having to pay out high fees for taking card payments, which eats up their margins. The other option is to send the customer their sort code and account information. This requires them to manually send over and chase up the payment and it also requires the customers to manually go into their online banking to add the payee details and transfer the money, which can sometimes be prone to manual error by inputting the wrong digits. 

What they Needed?

They needed a pay by link solution that they could send out to their customers with a “Pay by Bank” method to reduce their fees whilst eliminating any manual error. They ideally wanted to provide their customers with a fully branded solution to instil trust.

Why Boodil?

Boodil’s “Pay by Portal” allows Carttitude to put in the amount, customers name, email, phone number, reference or any other information. They could just put the amount and reference if they wanted. It is a fully flexible solution. They have the ability to generate a QR code if the person wants to pay face to face or they can send a pay by link sent to the customers email or as an SMS. Once the customer scans the QR code or opens the link they will be presented with a page which resembles a checkout, fully branded for Carttitude with the amount they need to pay and any other information that has been inputted by the merchant. Once they click “Pay by Bank” it takes them through the open banking flow and enables them to pay via their banking application in under 10 seconds. The client gets their funds instantly and does not have to pay the high fees associated with cards. 


They saw an increase in time that customers were paying rather than them manually having to go into their online banking account to make the payment. They also benefited from the huge cost savings they were making per purchase which was around 70% compared to their card payment solution.

Simple and effective solution

Simple yet effective. Within a few minutes Carttitude can have funds from their clients into their bank account in a seamless manner.