Why Offering Rewards Can Help Businesses Maximise The Benefits of Open Banking Payments

Open banking payment technology has the potential to revolutionise the way consumers interact with their finances but it also has the potential to disrupt the payments space. Providing merchants with significantly lower fees due to the removal of costly card interchange and scheme fees along with providing instant settlement of funds and eradicating chargebacks are just some of the benefits that merchants can enjoy. However, despite its many benefits, adoption has been slower than expected, with many consumers still wary of the terminology and the use of paying via bank. One way to overcome this barrier and maximise the benefits of open banking for businesses is by offering rewards and here are some of the benefits:

Increased Customer Engagement

Offering rewards for using open banking payments not only incentives consumers to try the technology, but it also increases their engagement and loyalty. Customers appreciate being rewarded for their spending, and this can drive repeat business and help to build brand recognition and trust.

Improved Customer Experience

By offering rewards, businesses can improve the customer experience and create a more personalised and engaging experience for their customers. For example, businesses can offer targeted rewards based on customer spending patterns or offer tailored offers and promotions. This can help to foster a sense of community and increase customer engagement.

Better Insights into Customer Spending Habits

Open banking technology provides businesses with valuable insights into their customer's spending habits, which can be leveraged to offer more relevant rewards and incentives. This can help businesses to better understand their customers and provide a more personalized and engaging experience.

Increased Revenue

By incentivising customers to use open banking payments, businesses can increase their revenue and grow their customer base. This can help to create a sustainable and profitable business model, which can be used to invest in new technologies and innovations.
In conclusion, offering rewards is a great way for businesses to maximize the benefits of open banking payments technology. By increasing customer engagement, improving the customer experience, and gaining better insights into customer spending habits, businesses can create a profitable and sustainable business model that leverages the power of open banking.

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