Boodil has partnered with Sticky, enabling any merchant to take face to face Open Banking Payments

Face to face and in-store open banking payments have been somewhat of a challenge for retailers to accept, until recently. Two Northern technology companies have come together to provide 100's of merchants the opportunity to take open banking payments face-to-face via a simple and easy-to-use solution.

Sticky's no-code platform along with their branded NFC stickers means any merchant wanting to offer in-store or face-to-face payments can do so without needing a card machine - or any hardware at all. Boodil, has recently been integrated into the Sticky platform to enable merchants the ability to offer open banking payments to their consumers, allowing them to pay in 10 seconds or less via their mobile banking application.

This brings a whole host of benefits for the merchant from instant settlement of funds (immediate access to their money) to lower processing fees and no chargebacks. For consumers, they get bank-level security and get rewarded every time they spend. There is no contactless limit, allowing consumers to pay quickly for more expensive items at a fraction of the cost for the merchant.

Harry Luscombe, co-founder of Boodil said: "With payment fees being a really contentious subject in retail, having Boodil integrated into Sticky allows merchants to realise the material benefits of open banking payments such as lower fees, instant settlement, whilst rewarding their valued customers along with building direct relationships with them."

James Garner, co-founder of Sticky said: "The payments industry is moving quickly and when we met Boodil we were hooked on the potential to transform the payment experience for a small but growing number of our big-ticket customers. Having a choice of quick, safe and reliable payment options available is important to our diverse customer base who process transactions from as low as 20p through to over £50,000 in 10 seconds or less."

The solution is being rolled out across a number of sectors and various merchants including gyms, pilates studios, charities, furniture stores and jewellers.

Boodil are a Manchester-based, open banking payment solution that rewards its customers with redeemable points every time they pay. Points can be used in the Boodil app on various prize draws including vouchers, electronic or designer goods and holidays.

Sticky is the "Operating System for physical spaces" where developers work with the world's biggest leisure, event and charity brands to make interactions in a physical space take 10 seconds or less. Sticky customers deploy their solution through branded, premium and easy-to-recognise Near Field Communications stickers. Unlike a QR code, consumers don't have to use their camera, download an app or set up an account. Interacting with a sticker is as simple as a contactless payment; just a single tap.